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Ovalie Tech, 6 years of expertise

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Our history

Our team

Our history

The DOMMS® solution is a software designed, published and developed by Ovalie Tech.

Born in 2015 and located in Tarbes, Ovalie Tech is a design office, specialized in maintenance engineering which intervenes with all infrastructures with facilities to maintain. 

Ovalie Tech is a real ally to support industries and participate in improving their performance. 

The goal ? Help them increase the availability of their facilities by optimizing deployment and maintenance management. How ? With a complete range of services necessary for the proper functioning of each industry : 

Technical assistance

Technical studies


Accompaniment 4.0

Assistance technique

Etudes techniques

Etudes techniques

Accompagnement 4.0

Why DOMMS® ?

Today we still find many (too many) industries that do not manage their data digitally, the processes are slow and redundant and the use of paper is significant. But the observation that has caught the attention of Ovalie Tech is the software offer that is poorly adapted to the profession of technicians

It is to compensate for these failures that the DOMMS® software solution was created. This companion offers 3 applications to adapt to each situation in which the technician finds himself. 

An innovative approach that puts the human, and in particular the technician back at the heart of the activity ! Yes, because a maintenance management software is complicated, unintuitive and very often it is the fiel staff who are little or poorly taken into account in the context of a digitalization. Ovalie Tech has put the professionnal at the center of its research, “created by the technicians, for technicians

Our ambitions 

OVALIE TECH does not intend to stop there. 

The management of your industrial assets is our priority. For this, we want to continue this transition to the industry of the future in order to deploy and refine our offer as much as possible. Our main objective is to provide you with a solution adapted and customized according to your sector. 

While continuing to otpimize our services with our current customers, we want to expand the number of DOMMS® users by getting closer to the agri-food, chemical, and oil and energy sectors. 

We want to make the various players in the industry aware that technologies could not exist without humans and that they bring them actions with high added value. 

Listening and need analysis


Facilitating the transition to digital

The human being at the heart of the activity

Our values

Whether internally with our employees or externally with our partners and customers, we make a point of honor on the respect and consideration of the human

An employee who is little taken into account or poorly accompanied will be an employee who is resistant to change. Technicians, maintenance operators, maintenance managers, shift managers… Each function is taken into account in order to facilitate THEIR transition into the digital age. 

Listening, needs analysis and adaptability are essential steps and elements in order to provide you with the best solutions. 

Our Team



At the origin of the idea of DOMMS®, I guide our strategic choices in order to strengthen its activity and increase its sustainability 

Philippe | Leader



I organize and follow the development of DOMMS® and I manage the development team

Sébastien | Head of Development



I supervise and organize the software development department. With the team, I define the roadmap and the evolutions of DOMMS®. I manage DOMMS® client projects. 

Julien | IT Manager Division



I participate in the implementation of the DOMMS® software with our customers and I train technicians and managers in the use of the software

Florian | Maintenance Engineering Department Manager



I participate in the marketing of the software. My role is to support the customer in his digital transition to factory 4.0

Wissam | Commercial



I develop and optimize the notoriety and image of DOMMS® through differents media

Charline | Communications Officer

I work on otpimizing the software to make its use as simple as possible and I bring to the user all the keys to understand everything that this tool can offer 

Axel | Developer



I develop the tests for our different applications and I take care of the support

Quentin | Developer



I take care of the DOMMS® Performance module that uses the user's data to give him relevant indicators on his activities, and thus, allow him to make rational decisions, at the right time

Léo | Developer



In conjunction with the sales, marketing and financial teams, I coordinate ideas to create new activities within the company and I find new levers for growth

Damien | Business Development Manager

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