DOMMS Mobility

The operating technicians’ companion app

Help in the preparation of the working day and interventions

Identification and location of equipment using NFC/RFID technologies 

On-site anomaly survey


A maintenance management application that offers a global view of your work to be done in order to prepare your wrokday with peace of mind. 

List of tasks to be performed
Anomaly creation
Access to site or equipment history
Indication of the required material or spare parts

Photo (adding attachments)

Be provided with all the necessary documentation to carry out your tasks and optimize the management of interventions. 

Find the procedures to follow to carry out your tasks
Illustrate the action to be performed by adding photos
Add documents specific to the realization of a task

Documentation /Linked Files

Quickly access the documentation and maintenance procedure. 

Adding documents or procedures (user manual)
Adding photos per task

More information about our maintenance and response management application ? 

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