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Les piliers de la GMAO

All companies, whatever their size and sector of activity can benefit from the use of a CMMS (Computer Maintenance Management Software)!

What is a CMMS ?

Meaning of CMMS, or Computer Maintenance Management Software, is a computer solution or software widely used in the field of industrial maintenance. It allows the planning, monitoring and management of all maintenance activities, whether preventive, curative, conditional or forecast, within an industrial company or an organization. Using this software, equipment is identified and maintenance and upkeep plans followed. A CMMS Software or Computer Maintenance Management Software is intended for the different sectors of industry, the tertiary sector, medical establishments, buildings, etc. Its interest is to assist maintenance services, technicians and users in their missions service, using new mobility technologies or the identification of equipment by RFID NFC. 

View your factory statistics 

Monitor GMAO

Stay up-to-date on all maintenance actions taken

Optimize your multisite management with a comprehensive maintenance solution

Interactive dashboard

All indicators of your infrastructure in real time. 

Performance indicators
Statistics of your interventions, rounds and anomalies
Alerts on interventions and late rounds


Visualize, configure and modify the schedules as well as the authorizations of your technicians : a maintenance management tool in line with your processes and your organization. 

Quick movement of an intervention on a different date or on a different technician
Visualization of assigned interventions to save planning time
Status of interventions visible according to the predefined colors in the workflow

Tasks management

Schedule maintenance interventions but also operating rounds.

Simplified and automatic generation of tasks, interventions / rounds using intervention templates
Generation and configuration of simplified tasks (Booleam, list of values, dates…) 
PDF export
Sharing, pooling and valorization of maintenance information

Electronic Document Management

Find all the documentation of a site or project in one place. With the search engine and remote access, quickly get all the centralized documents on the EDMS.

Native versioning
Document validation circuit 

Document tracking

Find and manage all types of documents as well as their native and indexed version. 

Indexing documents

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La GMAO c'est quoi ?

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